Thursday, February 6, 2014

Starbucks vs. Juice Plus...cost comparison

Confession time...I love coffee...A LOT! I relish my two cups of coffee with soy creamer every morning while I have my prayer and quiet time....and I have no intention of giving up my coffee love!

However, I rarely indulge in the treat of coffee at a coffee shop, mainly because of the cost. Since most local coffee shops don't offer a carafe of soy cream at the little cream and sugar stand, my only vegan options for coffee are extra pricey (soy lattes or soy frappucinos etc). However, even if I opted for a simple small cup of black coffee, the last I checked, I'd be handing over $1.94.

You might be asking...So why the little blurb about coffee? Well I recently received my box of Juice Plus and realized it was the first box I had gotten since the price's the first price increase I've experienced in over 9 years and it only went up 9 cents a day. Not bad considering the increase in prices on everything else around us. But even with the price increase, taking Juice Plus comes out to $1.61 a day (may vary a bit per location because of differing taxes but for me, it's $1.61...that includes shipping and tax). I love looking at it that way - I can daily fill my body with nutrient dense whole food nutrition (on top of my already veggie/fruit intensive diet) for less than I would spend on a cup of boring black coffee:-) For me, it puts the cost of Juice Plus in perspective...and reminds me that though Juice Plus is a bit of an investment each month, I value my health enough to invest in it daily!

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