Sunday, February 9, 2014

More than halfway done!

We finished our 20th week of school this past week! It is hard to believe the year is more than halfway over. We finished up our Biology study of animals this week and Keith loved making butterfly crafts and learning about the amazing features of God's creation in the animal world. He is thrilled to start learning about the human body come Monday! 

Braedon is learning so much this year - I am daily amazed at all he is picking up as he joins us for school each day. Sometimes he appears to be in his own little world playing with various toys in the school room when in fact he is listening intently to our conversations and lessons. While reviewing our 20 weeks of animal study at the conclusion of our week, I was asking Keith some questions about the various animals we had studied. Much to my delight, Braedon piped up (before Keith had a chance to say anything) with the answers on several occasions! I love seeing him learn and pick up on so much!
Homeschooling is such a privilege...a challenge but a privilege that I am so thankful for!

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