Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Breakfast Parfaits

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day for some reason...I used to love breakfast and now I eat it because if I don't I will feel lousy come 9 am AND because I know it's good for me. However, some days I really have a hard time thinking what to pair with my fruit for a sufficient breakfast to start the day. I recently made up a batch of granola (my family has a delicious recipe I grew up eating!) and strawberries were on sale so I thought making some parfaits would be a nice change. However, vegan yogurt is hard to find these days. It used to be available from several manufacturers but now it can only be found in  individual sized cups and is pricey. I have made a couple batches of homemade vegan yogurt but it is very hard to culture and keep the right temp so most batches have turned out as yogurt soup in consistency. I had a small cup of vegan yogurt in my fridge that I had purchased with the intention to trying to make a batch so I went ahead and attempted the vegan yogurt making once more. thankfully it was the best batch I have ever made and was perfect!! So, this week we have enjoyed parfaits for breakfast with homemade granola, homemade vegan yogurt with a drizzle of vanilla and honey (which actually makes it non-vegan because of the honey but you could use agave instead if you prefer), and strawberries. Very delicious and healthful too!

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