Saturday, October 3, 2015

Back to School with Essential Oils

As school is back in session, kids are overloaded with information, parents are weary from juggling busy schedules...and it's the perfect time to focus on health and wellness. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or just someone interested in health, I hope you will find something that is helpful!

Let’s face it, there are plenty of days during the school year when we would much prefer to stay planted in bed than jump up and face the world! We all know that a good night’s rest on a regular basis is the best way to wake up refreshed. However, on the days when sleep is short and the to-do list is long, give your day a little kick-start with this Rise and Shine Spray. Inhale deeply and revel in the gift of a new day!

I am a homeschool mom and there are many days when I wake up and get going but I am not filled with energy and vigor. I feel my feet dragging and my eyelids drooping. A quick roll of this spicy combo will help support a healthy boost to your day.

Ever have a day when your mind seems to wander endlessly and the things you wanted to accomplish seem to be a distant and unrealistic aspiration? I know I have! Have your kids experienced days when their schoolwork takes twice as long as it should because the things around them seem far more interesting than the book in front of them? For those days when your mind is exhausted and your thoughts are scattered, enjoy an oily combo that will help support a healthy mental focus and give you and your kids a healthy focus.

When you need a quick and easy focus booster and don’t have a roller bottle made up, try one of these oils or oil combos to awaken your focus. Simply apply to the neck, temples and bottoms of feet or open the bottle and inhale deeply.

Long days, sports practices, daily responsibilities, and piles of homework can oftentimes lead to tired brains! When your child sits down to complete his/her homework with a mind that is overwhelmed and unequipped to take in any new information, diffuse one of these oils to support healthy brain functioning.

My oldest son is not a fan of math and daily work can oftentimes be self-defeating because of his lack of confidence. Diffusing oils in the school room or the area where your child completes his/her work can create an aromatic atmosphere that invokes confidence.

Whether it be from anxiety over a test, not enough rest the night before or school-time drama, sometimes tummies can use a little calming effect. 

Growing up can be emotionally taxing…changes, uncontrollable circumstances, learning new things, experiencing new responsibilities. I wouldn’t want to do it again! Sometimes kids just need a little dose of happy!

Kids running, yelling, rough housing, asking questions, reaching for snacks – all of these add up to a mom who wants to scream! Diffuse 1-2 of these oils for a gentle calming effect throughout the house.
Alternately, combine the following oils for a quick and easy topical application.

A deep and peaceful night of sleep generally equals a much better start and progression of the following day. To support peaceful rest, try one of the following recipes and end your day well.
Alternately, try this oily rub:

Focus on Nutrition- Back to School is a perfect time to focus on health and wellness. Check out these Young Living products that help support healthy functioning.

Once the school year begins, it seems particularly important to focus on wellness to help support a busy schedule and healthy family. Reach for these oils to maintain wellness amidst busy schedules and lots of social interaction. 

After a long day of classroom work, playing at recess or riding the bus, the hands of your young ones may be covered with less-than-desireable particles! Use this easy recipe for a lightly scented foaming hand soap and get those grimy fingers sparkling before snack time!

After a long day of school or a field trip to the zoo, hands big and small will likely need some washing. If a sink and soap are not freely available, reach for some of this to do the job. Clean and refresh your hands with Thieves waterless hand purifier, suitable for adults and children alike. To enter the giveaway, comment below on how you would like to use essential oils in your family. Make sure to comment by October 15th. Best answer wins the prize! Winner will be announced on October 16th. 

If you would like to learn how to get oils for yourself, please click the link below to learn how. I hope that this class has given you tips and ideas to start off your school year with wellness, energy and mental clarity! Thanks for joining me!

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