Friday, October 9, 2015

The positive and doable side of compliance...

This post is particularly geared towards my oily team but might be an interesting read for others as well...

I wanted to address an area that has intimidated many over the past few months...compliance. For those who don't know what I am talking about, we recently experienced a crack-down on the way we present oils...the FDA will not allow us to make any disease claims about our oils (in a nutshell, we can't say X oil helps with Y malady). When the topic of making everything compliant came to the table, many of us (myself included) shied away from talking quite so freely about oils because of the frustration and feelings of being totally ill-equipped to broach oils compliantly. However, in an attempt to break out of this insecure shell, I decided to jump in and start figuring out how to reframe my whole verbal repertoire in regard to oils. Over the past few months, after writing and teaching classes and talking to people about oils in a compliant manner, the mental and verbal switch has become easier and easier. It comes down to a few simple things: intentionality, practice and the mindset of health rather than illness. It's not as hard as it seems...there are so many ways to reframe a conversation or answer a question. The end result though is that we are spending our time talking about wellness and vibrant health rather than sickness, ailments and misery:-) When you feel as though your leaders or support teams within the company are being harsh or when your question seems to be answered in a somewhat vague manner, just remember we are all trying to get the hang of this and we will get better. We are trying to lead by example and make the transition as easy as possible by practicing this regularly ourselves. If you are unsure and need some help reframing something, just ask!

My encouraging advice to you is to stick with it, don't give up, allow yourself to feel a little frustrated but then use that frustration to fuel your motivation to learn a new way to present these powerful and inspirational oils!

Don't see something on this list that you would like help reframing? Send me a message...I'd love to assist!

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