Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Note About Oils...Compliant Version:-)

A couple of years ago, about the time I started this blog, I wrote a post about what I had learned so far about oils (I had only been using them for 4 months when the original post was written!). It wasn't rocket science, nor was it particularly profound - however, it remains the most read post I have ever far! The problem? It was not compliant. So, here is my attempt at a revision...I hope it holds the same appeal and is as helpful as the last:-)
  • One of my biggest hopes when starting with essential oils is that the health of our family would be supported, boosted, improved on a number of different levels. In some areas, we saw our health and immunities strengthened almost immediately. In other areas, we did not see our health enhanced until we had consistently been using oils for several weeks. The key when using EOs? Persistence...consistency...willingness to try different combinations and applications. End result? Phenomenol health outcomes!
  • Oils work differently than other methods of improving health. One of the main differences (among many others) is the fact that oils may not have an immediate effect. It may take applications of oils every 15 minutes for an hour to see results. The important thing to note is that you are not filling your body with unwanted chemicals and additives and there are no harmful side-effects. It may be that you are used to turning to conventional methods to support your health and see immediate results but you also have to ask yourself: "Did I follow all the instructions listed for that method? What do I need to be careful of? Will x affect how y works?" When using oils, they may not have an immediate outcome and it's important to realize that results may take multiple applications but most likely, you will see evidence of health and wellness. 
  • Different oils work differently for different people so for example, don't expect that an oil that makes someone else experience peaceful rest will have the exact effect on you AND don't become discouraged when an oil doesn't seem to support your health like it did with someone else. God created our bodies very differently and the simple fact that one oil didn't have the expected effect on you doesn't mean the oils aren't effective. Peace and Calming and Stress Away support peaceful rest for my oldest son, yet Cedarwood is a perfect oil to give my husband, youngest son and myself to encourage peaceful rest. Don't give up if an oil doesn't seem to work "right". 
  • Using oils doesn't mean you will always experience perfect health! Though the consistent use of oils appears to support health and strong immunity, everyone experiences less-than-desired health at some point in life! AND from our experience, using oils on a daily basis encourages consistent health and immunity. Using oils in a variety of ways (diffusing, applying topically and ingesting) will provide maximum benefits and results.
  • Contrary to common belief, essential oils cannot cause allergic reactions (except ones containing citrus - if you have a citrus allergy, you should stay away from oils containing citrus). The reason is that essential oils (if they are pure and unadulterated) do not contain proteins, peptides, and amino acids which are the constituents that cause erroneous immune responses (allergies).  The body can produce a sort of "detox" reaction to some oils but this will subside over time (whereas an allergic reaction will continue with continued use, a detox reaction will get better and better with more use of the oil). Further, there are some oils that are "spicy" such as Oregano that can cause a burning sensation for some people and though it is not harmful, it can cause discomfort. Using a carrier oil with these types of oils can alleviate the burning. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are also "spicy" oils that might make your eyes water or your skin feel icy cold or tingly. Again, there is no harmful effect but it may cause some people to feel uncomfortable - again, using a carrier oil can help significantly. There is an interesting article about allergic reactions and detox to essential oils that can be found here.

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