Thursday, September 24, 2015

Oil Focus...Lemon Myrtle

Lemon Myrtle
*Our Lemon Myrtle is grown in Australia
*Comes from a beautiful plant - it's a bush-like tree with delicate white flowers
*It smells sweet, citrusy and fresh, very similar to Lemongrass
*It can be used to add to cleaning products - place a few drops in your washing machine or a few drops on a damp rag and throw in with your clothes in the drier for a fresh scent.
*It works well in place of Thieves in homemade foaming hand soap - 2 T Dr. Bronners Soap, 1/2 t V-6 oil or Vitamin E oil, 5 drops Lemon Myrtle, fill with water
*Supports healthy Adrenals
*Increases immune function and supports a healthy immune system
*Great for respiratory and sinus health
*Encourages relaxation and calm - can be used in the evening or before bed to create a restful atmosphere
*Supports healthy skin
That's a snapshot! Give it a try:-) Next week we will be looking at another oldest son's favorite oil....

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