Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why should I diffuse Essential Oils?

Thought I would explain why I think diffusing is a great idea...
Well first of all, it’s not magical! It is simply using these oils that come from incredible plants that God in his infinite wisdom created for us to enjoy and utilize. Let me go through some interesting and informative facts about why diffusing is so important and effective:

  Diffusing is so easy to do. I honestly used to think it was too much of a pain to fill my diffuser multiple times a day, decide on an oil to use and push the button! That’s pretty lame! It takes less than 30 seconds to do those simple steps. If applying oils topically frequently and continually throughout the day seems tedious and unrealistic for you, diffusing can offer a great alternative.
  The idea that using 8-10 drops of oil in the diffuser at a time is not cost-effective is a myth! Diffusing is a great way to permeate the air with the beneficial properties of the oil throughout a large area over several hours is very cost-effective
  It is important to use a cool air diffuser. Why? Because using a heat source can actually compromise the chemical constituents of the oils and damage their beneficial properties. All of our Young Living diffusers are cold air diffusers so nothing is compromised in the process of diffusing.
  With Young Living diffusers, the oil is blown up against a nebulizer which in turn breaks the oil up into a fine mist that can then be dispersed into the air in seconds. The mist is spread over hundreds of square feet at a time, allowing the benefits of the oils to permeate a room. Not only do they get dispersed throughout a large area, but they remain in the air for several hours.
  Diffusers that have an intermittent setting are best. The best therapeutic benefit comes when diffusers are used intermittently throughout the hours of the day rather than constantly. The breaks in diffusing actually help the olfactory system to best utilize the benefits of the oils.
  Because the olfactory system is so closely connected to the limbic system (including the hippocampus, amygdala, hypothalamus, and cingulate gyrus), essential oils have a great impact on the physiological and psychological parts of our bodies. If you think about it, the sense of smell has the power to evoke many emotions, memories and responses. A smell can bring back a positive memory or a negative memory of something; it can take you back to childhood or give you feelings of joy or refreshment. It is no wonder that diffusing oils with powerful components can have such a profound impact on our entire bodily system.

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