Sunday, May 28, 2017

Oil is in the air...another look at diffusing...

I have been using essential oils for several years now and would you believe, I have only recently started diffusing all through the day? I know, crazy! When I first received my kit, I was so thrilled and I got out my diffuser and a bottle of oil and began diffusing immediately. At the time, I only had one diffuser and every time I wanted to use it in a different room, I would have to unplug it and transfer it to a new room. Kind of silly that the simple act of transferring it to a new room would prevent me from using it throughout the day but that was the reality. Very quickly, the diffuser didn't move much and stayed pretty firmly planted in my youngest son's bedroom for bedtime diffusing. I also didn't want to use up my oils too quickly, thus causing me to be cautious in my use of the precious drops.

Over time, I purchased a couple more diffusers and we had the luxury of having a diffuser in each bedroom so everyone could diffuse at bedtime and into the night. Every once in a while, the diffuser would make it's way to the school room and we would diffuse during lessons.

One of my closest friends who happens to be the person that introduced me to oils, has always been better at diffusing throughout the day and encouraged me to do the same. Over the past month, I finally took her advice! Since I have a diffuser in almost every room of the house, I have no excuse and no reason NOT to!

Let me tell you - diffusing throughout the day on a regular basis is absolutely worth every drop you use! I diffuse during the morning hours as we get ready for our day. I diffuse all through our lessons in the school room. The moment we are done with school and heading to the main floor, more oil goes into the main floor diffuser. At bedtime, everyone has a diffuser full of sleepytime blends. Literally, our family is experiencing the benefits of oils ALL DAY LONG! And I must say, I love it! It wakes me up in the morning; it provides focus and calm in the schoolroom; it motivates and refreshes me throughout the day. Why did I wait so long to do this?! I know my sweet friend has been asking the same question for the past few years:-)

Here are a few I have been diffusing a lot of lately...during the daytime hours...

So let me offer a little of advice, even if unsolicited! Diffuse throughout the day...even if it means transferring your diffuser. It's worth it. Your olfactory senses will thank you. Your mind will thank you. Your body will thank you. Go forth and diffuse!


  1. Using these essential oils for enhancing mental acuity is one of the more simple aromatherapy procedures. Inhaling using any diffuser will do -- it's likely that if you find one of these bright aromatics you enjoy the smell of, and an inhale it to the point of enjoyment (not too much, not too little) you'll reproduce these effects. As the study on sage noted that the ingestion of one drop was well-tolerated, you might also experiment with a low dose like this. Note that sage does contain a type of "ketone" molecule that's recommended to be used with caution by some therapists, and not by pregnant or nursing mothers, or young children.diffuser