Saturday, May 13, 2017

A note about Juice Plus...

In light of the current craze about supplements, I wanted to throw in my two cents about supplements. If you want to hear a few more details about why I'm not so geeked up about supplements, I will be addressing that in the upcoming Q&A on the 19th. But for now, I wanted to highlight the supplement that my family takes and why. 

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  • First of all, let me just say, I love Juice Plus. A lot. But you might be asking why. So allow me to give you a couple points that answer that question
  • Juice Plus is NOT a vitamin's a whole food supplement with a nutrition facts label, not a supplement/vitamin label
  • Juice Plus contains 30 different fruit, vegetable and grain powders - the plants are grown to optimal ripeness, harvested, juiced, dried, and ground into powder so none of the nutrient density is lost. The nutrients are not removed and isloated into capsules. The whole fruit, vegetable or grain is used so the nutrient combinations of each food that God designed to work synergistically together are present
  • Juice Plus is not a substitute for eating fruits and vegetables
  • When you start taking JP, you will most likely find that you begin to crave more fruits and veggies - since your body is getting such powerful nutrients through your JP capsules, your body begins to crave the good stuff even more
  • Juice Plus doesn't generally erase symptoms or eliminate diseases instantaneously but over time, major problems can be helped dramatically. Juice Plus was actually the first thing that made a difference in an autoimmune disorder I have. I discovered I had the disorder when we moved to Kansas City 16 years ago.  I took prescription meds for a couple years and then decided I did not want to be taking drugs so I stopped. Shortly thereafter, I began taking JP and the next winter my symptoms were substantially better. The problem was not eliminated but the symptoms were greatly reduced. Some people experience drastic health improvement when taking JP. But true health is never a quick fix that can be achieved overnight...that's important to remember
  • Taking JP doesn't mean you won't ever get sick - however, in our experience taking JP does reduce the frequency of illness and the duration of illness
  • Just taking JP alone will likely improve your health - but taking JP AND maintaining a healthy lifestyle will lead to increased health
  • Juice Plus is backed by so much research that it's benefits really can't be disputed - check it out here
  • Even if you eat a lot of fruits and veggies, you probably aren't getting fruits and veggies that are fresh and picked when they are perfectly ripe and ready for harvest. Further, most people probably don't consume ascerola cherries, papaya, kale, and beets daily. I think it's also safe to say that most kids don't eat as many fruits and veggies as we would like either - especially not things like beets and spinach. But if you and your kids take JP you will be getting all the goodness of 30 fruits, veggies and grains (that you wouldn't otherwise eat daily) every day. 
  • Even if you eat a lot of fruits and veggies, you probably don't get 9-13 servings daily (the recommendation is no longer 5-7!). I am completely plant based and even I don't get that many
  • JP makes sense and it's worth the investment in our health!
  • For more info, visit here

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