Saturday, January 18, 2014

Healthy Obsession #5: Homeschooling

My husband and I decided when our kids were very young that I would homeschool them. It was a total "God moment" when I decided homeschooling was the route I wanted to oldest was only about 3 months old. It took my husband a couple more years before he felt the importance of this calling and agreed fully with my decision.
My 2 precious students

Though this calling is challenging in many ways, we consider it a tremendous privilege and opportunity to bring our kids up not only in a Christian home but also in a God-centered atmosphere on a daily basis, helping them see the world through God's perspective and not the perspective of a very lost world.

We see homeschooling as an absolute blessing but realize it's not for everyone and don't judge those who choose differently. I will be posting pictures, tips, and info about our homeschooling journey in days to come! More info under the "Homeschooling" tab at the top.


  1. Yay! I can't wait to see pictures! So thankful to be sharing this journey with you :)

  2. Thanks friend:-) Can't think of anyone I'd rather do this with!