Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Would love your feedback...

Thanks for taking a few minutes to take a look at my website and give me some honest feedback. Once you have looked over the site, please answer the questions below and send them to me at Once I receive that, I will send you a Starbucks giftcard so you can enjoy a cup on me. I appreciate your help!

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Please be sure to provide me with honest feedback! I want to ensure that the content of this site, the classes I offer and the services I provide are of practical use and benefit to others. 

Please answer the following questions after looking through the site:

1. What is most appealing to you about the site?
2. Do the class offerings look like something you might be interested in? Why/why not? 
3. What would you like to see more of? Less of?
4. Are any/all of the Health Education offerings (Healthy on Purpose Clips, Healthy on Purpose Connect, Healthy on Purpose Q&A etc) look like something you would be interested in reading/listening to/participating in?
5. What other educational offerings/classes/conference calls etc. would you be interested in?
6. What would make you more interested/likely to attend a health class?

Thank you!

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