Thursday, November 27, 2014

A refreshing end to tummy troubles...

I haven't managed to get a post out in way too long - life just seems to get so full. In recent weeks, however, I have decided that though I would love to be super efficient in every area and aspect of my life, that goal is not realistic. And so, the conclusion I have come to is the fact that writing posts on my blog can wait if it means I am able to spend quality time with my kids, teach them fully and effectively in school and focus on my main priorities in life. So, even though I love my oils, use them every day and have countless stories to tell, I have chosen to focus a little more fully on what matters most  - so forgive the large spaces between writings:-)

Ok, so on to a recent experience that I must share! The other night, I went to bed feeling a little off...don't know why. I woke up the next morning feeling VERY off. My stomach was just feeling yuck. No real symptoms to go along with it...just felt cruddy tummy-wise. I decided that instead of my usual regimen of Peppermint or Digize for a cruddy tummy, I would try some Citrus Fresh in a glass of water - it just sounded like it would kind of cleanse my gut and give me some relief. I love the smell of Citrus Fresh but truth be told, I hate water with flavor - but I was pretty much willing to try anything that would make me feel better. I added 3 drops of Citrus Fresh to an 8 oz. glass of water and sipped it with a straw over the course of about 10 minutes. I literally felt somewhat better within minutes and by the time I had my make-up on, got dressed and headed down to the school room to start our day, I was 100% better. It was so amazing - definitely a trick I will try again!

Just a side note since I am highlighting an awesome benefit of this oil, the other thing we use Citrus Fresh for is relaxation. It is a great oil to help with sleep in our family and we regularly diffuse it at night. It also smells amazing, tastes much better than Digize, and isn't spicy like Peppermint (for those who are sensitive to those hot oils)!

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