Sunday, October 12, 2014

Oral Health...

I have struggled with sensitive teeth for many years and haven't found any real relief from special toothpastes. Recently, I have been hearing some pretty crazy things about the contents of tube of toothpaste - my 8-year old even piped up the other day with "Mom did you know that some toothpaste has been found to contain...". Further, I have gotten more canker sores and inflamed taste buds in the last year than I have had in many years which gives me reason to think about better oral care. In our house if there is a physical complaint about virtually anything, the comment is "Let's get some oil for that" and in this case, the response has been no different!

A few months back I started brushing my teeth with a drop of Thieves and after getting used to the spicy taste, decided I loved it! My mouth felt crazy clean and my teeth were like shined glass they were so perfectly polished. I think I just got lazy and somewhere over the last few months, I stopped doing this. And to my surprise, guess what I started having issues with again?! Last week and started getting terrible canker sores again. Because they were so painful, I grabbed some prescription canker sore medicine to knock them out immediately. Didn't help! Brushed my teeth with Thieves the following day and the canker sore was gone by the next morning! Haven't had any other trouble since. Though I have not had specific relief from sensitive teeth as of yet, I think that is a deeper issues that will take a longer amount of time to heal. I have heard countless stories of how Thieves has helped benefit oral health in very significant ways - I am sure I will experience these benefits if I stick with the habit! For now, I am thankful to be rid of painful canker sores and to have been reminded that oils are amazing - not that I really have to be reminded of that:-) I never turn to medication in place of oils but because I have a history of horrible canker sores, I grabbed what I thought would give the quickest relief - learned my lesson!

Just a note...brushing with Thieves is a spicy, tingling, numbing experience but your teeth will feel cleaner than they have ever felt before - trust me!!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose, cure or treat any illness or malady.

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