Sunday, July 20, 2014

The blissful land of sleep...

I've written countless times about the wonderful qualities of essential oils in regard to sleep - and sleep was the number one reason I bought oils in the first place. However, I have recently been awed yet again by the powerful properties of these little bottles of goodness.

From the very first time we started using oils in November, the sleep in our family has dramatically improved. Our 5 year old went from waking up and waking us up 2-3 times a night to waking up/waking us up once a waking up once a night and quietly (without waking us) coming into his little cot bed in our occasionally sleeping all the way through the the current miracle of SLEEPING ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR 9 STRAIGHT NIGHTS!!! Can you tell I'm excited?!

But my excitement doesn't stop there! Not only has our little guy been sleeping beautifully, I have also started sleeping so well that for the last several nights I have not woken up even once during the night (a phenomenon that has not happened for over 8 years!). I have been going to sleep without any problem and sleeping like an absolute log until my alarm goes off. What a difference sleep makes!

Now you're probably wondering what the trick is so I will share what we do (it's crazy simple!) in our house and hope it's helpful to you too! There is something magical about getting consistently good sleep and we are reaping the benefits of that after many years of waiting! Thank you Jesus for essential oils!!

  • We love our sleep oils and have many of them! I like to use different oils throughout the week - don't know if that makes a big difference but we don't use the same sleep oils every night. There's no real order...I just like to switch it up. So, our favorite sleepytime oils are Peace and Calming, Cedarwood, Tranquil and Citrus Fresh. I apply a couple drops of oil to the back of the neck, bottoms of feet and on the temples.
  • And I diffuse oils during the night. Since we only have one diffuser, I rotate it between rooms throughout the week so no one gets it every night. I usually put about 6 drops of oil in the diffuser- sleep oil and then sometimes lemon or thieves for some added immunity boosting. 
That's it! the results have been incredible and we are feeling great around here!! Happy snoozing!

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