Sunday, July 13, 2014

Glimpses of Summer...

I can hardly believe that it's mid-July and our summer is quickly flying by! Thought I would highlight a couple things we've been up to. I took the boys blackberry picking last week at Red Barn Farm up in Weston. There weren't many blackberries ripe enough to pick but we got a few and had a great time. A we were searching for ripe berries, we found a beautiful surprise - hanging from a low branch of one of the blackberry bushes, we found a Robin's nest full of bright blue eggs. The boys were so excited to see it so close. Since the ripe berries were few, the boys gobbled them up in a fruit salad at home and that was the end of them! A great summer morning activity. I love making memories with my boys...especially during the beautifully warm days of summer.

 On the 4th of July, I was trying to think of something fun and out-of -the-ordinary to do with the boys and my clever mom suggested buying shaving cream. What a crazy great idea! We hung out outside and they had the best time spraying shaving cream all over themselves and the driveway, mixing it with chalk to make paint and overall having a ball being messy!

We have been frequenting the pool a LOT these days. It is such a treat to go when  Daddy gets off work. On Friday night we took the boys to the water park and then headed over to Zona Rosa for their concert on the square (an event we didn't know about until this week!). I packed a picnic and we listened to the mediocre and very loud music but had a blast. We then treated the boys to vegan frozen yogurt at Yogurtini. Such a wonderful family night! These things make me smile and remind me of how very blessed we are!

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