Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring-time Health

It’s that time of year again…flowers are popping through the damp earth, trees are blossoming, grass is greening.  I love this time of year. It is perhaps my favorite season as the cold and gloomy months give way to the fresh and vibrant colors of spring. Unfortunately, new growth, leaves and blossoms are also accompanied by an abundance of pollen, mold and airborne annoyances…causing millions of Americans to experience some less-than-desirable seasonal side-effects.
The good news is that God created our bodies complete with defense mechanisms that fight off invading substances such as unwanted pollen and mold spores. The bad news is that some people have more sensitive immune systems that respond to these guests with a cascade of fighter chemicals, thus leaving the individual in an unpleasant seasonal state.

So what does this all have to do with Essential Oils? Everything! Thankfully, God also created a plethora of plants to help keep us healthy and strong through all seasons. Just because your body may not be cooperative during these new months of spring, does not mean you are doomed to stay indoors for its entirety. Isn’t that good news?! There are so many Essential Oils that can keep our bodies functioning at their best during all parts of the year. Let me briefly touch on a few:

Lavender –. After a long day in the garden or a vigorous walk through the woods, Lavender can calm the senses and provide comfort and health to the sinuses and respiratory systems. Apply topically over the bridge of the nose, behind the ears or along the neck.

Lemon – Freshly scented and full of antioxidants, Lemon is a great addition to your spring-time pantry. Lemon provides gentle support to the sinus and respiratory systems and can be used topically on the chest, throat and neck or ingested in a glass of water for an added antioxidant boost.

Peppermint – Invigorating and herbaceous, Peppermint can provide powerful support to the sinus and upper respiratory systems during this time of the year. Considered a “spicy” oil, Peppermint may produce a tingly feeling when applied topically and many people prefer to combine it with a carrier oil prior to application. Apply topically to the chest, along the sinuses or along the back of the neck for best results.

Recipe – The benefits of these three oils can be greatly enhanced when combined in equal proportions and applied along the sinuses, the back of the neck and the chest. Add a carrier oil, if desired, to tone down the potential “spicy” nature of the blend. 

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