Thursday, April 16, 2015

Oils for the Eyes...

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Oils and eyes? Really? That's what I was thinking this morning when I woke up this morning with extreme discomfort behind my eye. I have never experienced anything like it eye itself wasn't sore but it wasn't my head that was just a terrible aching at the back of my eye where it sits in my head. Ok so that was likely a confusing description but I've never had pain there before and there's no name for that place that I know of! Suffice it to say that it was so uncomfortable that keeping that eye open was irritating and painful and I was having a hard time concentrating on anything else, let alone reading to and teaching the boys school this morning.
There was no oil that came to my mind that might help with this oddity yet I was determined to try something to ease the aching. I looked up eyes in my Reference Guide for Essential Oils  and there were a number of eye conditions listed such as dry/itchy eyes, swollen eyes, pink eye etc but none of them described my condition. I settled on a couple to try - Frankincense and Eucalyptus. Now, if you've ever used Eucalyptus near your eyes or on your face, you know it's a spicy oil that can cause some watery eyes! I was a little hesitant but figured I would give it a try. I applied a drop of each oil around my eye in a wide circle several times throughout the day. Each time I applied it, the pain dissipated and I had some relief. By lunchtime, the pain was gone and I have been able to function normally for the remainder of my day. And thankfully the Eucalyptus only caused a minimal "burn" and quickly calmed. 
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Hopefully this was just a weird event caused by strained or tired eyes and will not reappear in days to come. For now, I am extremely grateful for the relief these oils gave me and for the positive end to an otherwise long day:-)


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose, cure or treat any illness or malady. All oils discussed on this blog refer to Young Living Essential oils only.

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