Sunday, March 1, 2015

A short revisit to the oily wart combo...

Though this has been a topic I have reviewed in the past, I wanted to revisit my oily wart combo because my sweet kiddos are wart free for the first time in years!!

I did take pictures of some of the worst warts back when we started using oils but they somehow got deleted so I don't have before and after pictures. However, by diligently using the combo of oils listed below, we got rid of over 10 warts between my two kids. Some were more stubborn than others but every single stinking wart is now gone. So thankful we finally found something that worked!! I have copied the original post below for easy viewing:-)

Though I have posted before about our success with oils in regard to warts (Post: Recent Oily Successes), I thought I would dedicate a separate post to our oily wart cure for those who missed the last combined post about it. Further, a particularly stubborn wart that my son has is beginning to show signs of diminishing so I thought I would highlight again the awesomeness of this oily combo!

A few months ago, I made a roller bottle of 4 oils in equal proportions: Thieves, Clove, Purification and Melrose. I applied this combo to the warts on my kiddos once a day after their evening shower. So far, we have gotten rid of 4 warts and the fifth is on it's way out! Prior to this success, we tried Frankincense and then Oregano - neither of which did the trick. Just another lesson in the fact that sometimes it take a few tries to find the right combo of oils because not all oils work the same on everyone!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose, cure or treat any illness or malady. All oils discussed on this blog refer to Young Living Essential oils only.

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