Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tower Gardening 2014!!

 I love spring and summer and gardens and fresh produce!! These are my favorite seasons and I am so excited that we are entering the first stage of this time of year!

This will be my third year of using my aeroponic tower garden and I am extra excited because I will be gardening with TWO tower gardens this year!! I have had such amazing success and fabulous produce the last couple of years that we decided to purchase a second garden. My goal is to grow the majority of our produce this spring/summer.

For those not familiar with aeroponic tower gardens, here's a brief summary. Seeds or seedlings are planted in a soft, sort of spongy material called rock wool (seen in the first picture above). When the seeds have sprouted and grown to about 1-2 inches tall, the rock wool is placed in small netted pots that fit right into the tower garden. There are 20 spots in each tower garden. At the base of the garden is a 20 gallon basin filled with water and tower tonic (nutrients that feed the plants). A pump submerged in the water basin pumps water up through a hose in the middle of the tower and at the top, the water showers down over the roots of the plants and keeps everything watered and fed. A timer is attached to the garden so it waters the garden continuously through the day. For a much better explanation of tower gardens and to see the story of the man who created the tower gardens, visit here.

So, why are tower gardens so amazing and wonderful? Here are my top 10 reasons for choosing to garden aeroponically! 
  1. It's easy!
  2. No weeding or getting down on your knees
  3. It waters itself on a schedule
  4. It's very low maintenance - add water and tower tonic every couple days, trim when necessary and harvest!
  5. It uses 10% of the water of conventional gardens - saves money!
  6. It produces food like crazy (the pictures of the garden and the produce are from last year's bounty)! 
  7. The number of pests is minimal because many pests come from surrounding soil
  8. The produce is delicious
  9. My kids can help plant, water and harvest
  10. Almost anything can be planted in the tower garden (beans, squash, tomatoes, herbs, greens, melons, cucumbers etc!)
I can hardly wait to share pictures of this year's two gardens! I have 40 spots to fill and I am so excited! More pictures to come as the season progresses!

For more information or to order a tower garden, visit here.

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