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Within this blog, you will discover numerous posts about a wide variety of topics ranging from essential oils and mental health to plant-based living and exercise. You will find video clips, articles, conference calls, recipes - all centered around living a vibrant and health-filled life.

Healthy on Purpose is still growing so you can expect to find more and more information as time progresses. Here are the features you can expect to find in the coming months (some of which are already available- look for those marked with a star):

Healthy on Purpose Clips - short and informative video clips on relevant health topics*

Healthy on Purpose Connect - recorded calls on a variety of health and lifestyle topics (ex. Mental Health and Medications; Healthy Sleep Cycles; slightly longer than clips)*

Cinnamon Oil, Candida and Bacterial Infections

Healthy on Purpose Q & A - these calls will offer the opportunity to ask health-related questions via email that will be answered on the recorded Q & A call (you ask the question, I do the research and answer)*

Q&A #1 - January 16, 2017

Q&A #2 - February 27, 2017
Q&A #3 - May 19, 2017
Q&A #4 - June 2017
Q&A #5 - July 14, 2017

Health Chat - recorded calls on commonly discussed health topics, conditions or fads (ex. Gluten; Autoimmune Disorders; Depression and Anxiety etc.)

Books on Purpose - recorded calls which will offer a detailed book review of popular books in the health field. Each call will discuss the credibility of the research, relevance of the material and description of the key points within the book

Healthy on Purpose Library - this will be a comprehensive compilation of all the research reviews and written material produced through Healthy on Purpose

Health Courses - health courses will be  available in the coming months (available live or via conference call)*

Informed 101 and Women's Health

Natural Grocers Classes

Informed 101

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